Matter matters

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Prochain vernissage 8 avril 2011
Matter matters

In ‘Matter matters’ ParisCONCRET presents the work of three artists engaged with the literal ‘stuff’ of painting. Helen Calder (nz) and Ilona Hakvoort (nl) display colour without support - the paint itself is the thing.
Sophie Knezic (au) exhibits painstakingly cut paper forms in which the nothing is as much as the thing.

Vernissage samedi le 8 avril 17h-20h

ParisCONCRET chez
Reuten Galerie Amsterdam

ParisCONCRET is pleased to collaborate with Reuten Galerie (NL) in an exhibition entitled "Recent movements in non-objective art" featuring the following artists :
Richard van der Aa, Kevin Finklea, Lon Godin, Brent Hallard, Henriëtte van ´t Hoog, Irène Kivinen, Clary Stolte, John Tallman, Thierry Thomen, Marie Thurman, Guido Winkler

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Reuten Galerie, Amsterdam, 19 Mar - 24 Apr 2011