AC4CA Editions

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Serigraphs on Rives BFK
56 x 71 cm, edition 11 of 20

Julianne Clifford, John Nixon, Daniel Göttin
Alex Spremberg, Helen Smith, Jurek Wybraniec

John Nixon, Jan van der Ploeg, David Tremlett

Jurek Wybraniec, Daniel Göttin, Alex Spremberg
Helen Smith, Jan van der Ploeg, Trevor Richards

Prochaine exposition 20 juillet 2012
AC4CA Editions

The Australian Centre for Concrete Art (AC4CA) is a project group based in Perth, Australia. Central to the project is the creation of opportunities for international artists to install large scale wall works in public spaces.

ParisCONCRET presents two editions of screenprints produced by AC4CA in collaboration with artists who have been involved over the decade of the project's existence. The 15 images in this exhibition are based on the wall designs by the following artists:

Julianne Clifford, Daniel Göttin, John Nixon,
Jan van der Ploeg, Trevor Richards, Helen Smith,
Alex Spremberg, David Tremlett, Jurek Wybraniec

Vernissage samedi le 20 juillet 17h-20h